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The Fashion Grid is an online platform for the fashion lover, fashion lawyer, and fashion geek. TFG covers the intersection of the legal, business and technological developments of the industry with the beauty, creativity, history and fun behind the fashion itself.

While TFG reports on all things fashion, we provide the following exclusive features for our readers:

- Style Curator: A regular series where we share our favorite fashion finds and ensembles

- Profile: A regular series where we do a focus piece on style muses, fashion insiders, and general fashion topics

- Q&A: A regular series where we get the opportunity to talk business, law, and fashion with industry insiders

- Off the Grid: A regular series covering fashion related excursions, events, video interviews, and street style

- Quote of the Day: A weekly series where we present quotes from industry insiders

- Book of the Month: A monthly series where we select one book relating to the fashion industry

Case Brief: A regular series where we break down a fashion law case in the standard, easy to follow law school case brief format

Judging Fashion: A regular series where we have our TFG readers play the role of a fashion lawyer, compare two items of fashion, and decide via poll whether they are line-by-line copies or inspired by trends.


Founder and Editor

Sheba Sheikh Hemmat

A fashion lover turned fashion lawyer. What always served as a personal creative outlet has over the years become a part of my education and career. I have researched and studied the business of fashion and the legal issues affecting the industry at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Southwestern Law School, and Fordham University's Fashion Law Institute. I have worked on the legal and business side of the fashion start-up scene in Los Angeles for over five years and launched TFG as a thinker's guide to fashion.